Poems by Yoxi

A Vague Set of Categories
(category headings yield notes, if you're interested...)

Realm of the Imaginal

Buddhist Themes

          click: Source
         click: Unbinding
        click: Calliope
       click: Shuttle, Loom
      click: The Gates of Horn
     click: Begins
    click: Life Diving
   click: Outwith
  click: Life Rising


          click: Vairocana's Present
         click: Padmasana
        click: Mañjusri
       click: Entrance
      click: Surrender
     click: Message from the Interior
    click: Ventriloquism
   click: Hymn to Vairocana

Things Seen...

Things More Than Seen...

          click: ...and the last shall be first...
         click: North Repps Village Hall
        click: Standing Out
       click: Book Keeper
      click: Don't All Rush At Once
     click: Auceps
    click: Haiku, Handwritten
   click: Haikuesques


          click: Mirror
         click: Void
        click: Mountain Path
       click: What?
      click: Smaragd Bows
     click: Flood
    click: Look Out
   click: Falls


Welsh Woodland Tryptich Thing

Two Stories

          click: Green Fields of Wales
         click: Allium Paradoxum
        click: No


          click: Fragment
         click: Eumenides

Love, As Yet Untitled…


          click: From an Argonaut
         click: Out of Touch
        click: Rorschach
       click: Après La Déluge, Moi
      click: Arc
     click: Further Reflection
          click: Redwheel Barrow
         click: Haiku, Schmaiku
        click: Aryaloka Nature Ceremony
       click: Axon, Mass.
      click: Portrait of a Gazaal, by Bricasso
     click: Blemish
    click: Gone Bush
   click: Sravaka
  click: Leura Lookout

blue bar...


What is this thing called Yoxi, anyway?